Hi, I'm Mark, and I'm a senior technician at Dental Applications.

While I've been working with Gina I've learned how to be more neutral in my approach to dealing with certain situations in the workplace. Whereas before I might've pointed out all the things that I thought were incorrect in a person's behaviour, I'm now able to look at it from a more neutral position, and I'm able to understand why certain situations may have developed. I'm able to take a better role in helping to sort out those problems whilst promoting people's growth and helping them to do things in a better manner.

In terms of my personal life, I feel that I've been able to take a lot of the teachings home. I don't rise to situations that might have originally irritated me. I'm able to deal with a vast variety of problems and things that occur in a much more balanced and a happier way of doing stuff.  

Also, I found that working with Gina could have been a very intimidating process because she's extremely knowledgeable. She's very intelligent, but she doesn't ever come across in a manner that makes you feel inferior or anything like that. Quite the opposite, she's very, very good at making you understand all the positive aspects of your life and life is often enriched. I feel like it's almost like some kind of session that people go to that helped them to improve their lives. It all starts from the workplace, but it's far-reaching and life feels better after Gina.

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