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My name is Maggie Johnson. I am the Managing Director of my business: Executive Virtual Services.

My company provides virtual assistant support for large to medium and small size enterprises, providing bespoke PA and secretarial and administrative support flexibly to companies that need additional help to grow and manage their businesses.

I started my business about five and a half years ago. No, six years ago. And after the first six, seven months, I started working with Gina Gardner. Gina has been part of my journey throughout the whole period of my growth, business growth. I have grown a hell of a lot through of relationship with Gina over that period. It started out as your typical business support as in how can I grow my business?

Who are my ideal clients?

Where can I develop the role that I've got?

How do I grow?

How do I achieve it?

Where am I going wrong?

All the common questions that we ask ourselves when we run a business.

Gina has been brilliant at holding my hand and guiding me and making me see things from so many different perspectives over the past years. But it's not just a business coach that Gina has been. Gina has also been what I would call, I wouldn't want to use the term life coach, I would use more of the holistic coaching. If you want to be successful in business, you need to be successful in yourself. So you need to be able to believe in yourself.  You are your brand in a sense, my business is a reflection on me. When my business wasn't doing so well, nine times out of 10, I wasn't doing so well personally. So the correlation between the two was really obvious. And there were times when it wasn't just the business support that I needed from Gina, but the personal support.

Gina has seen me through some really tough times, times where I've thought I just want to give up. I just don't want to do it anymore. That there was no point in running this business. Gina has made me see actually I can do it. I have got the talent. I have got the connections and I have got the ability to work with people and to see myself through situations that I wouldn't have a dream I could cope with.  It's not just the professional side of running my business that Gina has been instrumental in, but also the personal side because the two really are hand in hand.

I would recommend Gina to anyone looking for support with their business and with their personal life as well. It's not just going to Gina to ask her for support in terms of working through business plans, methodologies, marketing strategies, that kind of thing, but also looking at how you as an individual perform within and outside of the business world.  I'm getting that support and guidance so that I can run my business effectively.

Gina is an inspiration. She's, without doubt, instrumental in the success of my business. Could I have done it without her? I think I would have scraped my way there, but actually having Gina by my side, throughout my journey has made it a whole lot easier, more beneficial, and so much more exciting to know that I can and I will continue to be a success because I've had such brilliant guidance from Gina. It's worth is weight in gold. So I would highly recommend Gina in your life. She's going to stay in mine for a very long time. Thank you.

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