Have you heard the parable of the beetle 'stuck' on a broom handle that is lying on the floor? It is only an inch off the ground, but for the beetle it looks like a very high drop! The beetle needs to get off the broom, which to our human eyes looks very easy, but the beetle cannot make the decision. It cannot transcend its fears and anxiety - the anticipation of what the decision would mean for its life. Does this sound like you at all? Gina and her good-friend and fellow international bestselling author, Rachel Davidson, chat through their thoughts on how to move past the anticipation and anxiety and make quicker and potentially better decisions.

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The "Genuinely You Show" hosted by Gina Gardiner takes you on a journey of discovery to find your genuine self and how you can have the confidence to let go of fear, and the stress and frustration of constantly trying to save the day and at the same time achieve ongoing happiness and fulfilment.


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