Filming my TV Show in "La La Land"


I cannot quite believe that I have been able to type that header up there!

But it is true! Earlier this year I was flown over to the real La La Land and spent a frenetic three-weeks filming my TV Show (and fitting in loads of guest-appearances on other shows too!).

Please believe me when I say this; I am the most surprised person of all about that!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this was within my reach, or that it is something that I would be doing at the stage of my life and at my age.

Why am I sharing this? I hope that it will encourage you to believe that your dreams, your hopes, your wishes can, if you pursue them with work and effort, be made to happen. I am, just like you, an 'ordinary' person. I have the same anxieties and daily challenges as we all do. I consider myself extremely lucky!

Filming the TV Shows was on the back of my latest international best-selling book ("Thriving Not Surviving: The 5 Secret Pathways to Happiness, Success & Fulfilment). I was there to promote the book and also launch the "Thriving Together Tribe" initiative.

The biggest thing that struck me about being in L.A. and being immersed in the media-world so suddenly - besides the novelty of having my hair and make-up done every day by professionals! – was how normal and actually mundane that whole world is. It is, after all, just a business like any other. The glamour is ‘just’ part of what they need to do to package up the product. It is approached with the same level of pragmatism and ‘get-it-done’ attitude as any other business or industry. I could see very clearly how, if I lived in that world, I would begin to consider it all just “business as usual”. And that is interesting, because when I flew out there, I was beside myself with nerves and fear of whether I could fit in, whether I would cope. It all seemed so alien and glamorous and beyond me!

But it turns out, it wasn’t beyond me! Although it was enjoyably glamorous for the short amount of time that I spent there.

So, what aspects of your life or your dreams seem utterly beyond you? May I suggest that if you look again at whatever this is for you in your life, you might just find that it is entirely and very successfully within your power to achieve it!

By the way, you can judge for yourself how well I did at the TV presenting by watching my TV Show. To sign up to see all the episodes - all for free, no catches, go to this page of my Genuinely You website:

I would love to know what you think of my “La La Land” adventure

Gina x

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