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Gina Gardiner, Best Selling Author, Discusses Overcoming Trauma In The Modern World

Author Gina Gardner shares how to be happy even after immense tragedy. Imagine being paralyzed and later having to learn to walk not once but twice as an adult, and having the strength and determination to come back from this learning to be happy again. Gina suffered a serious ski accident aged 29. She was unwilling to accept the prognosis given by her doctors. She knew that her mind-set was key to keeping her life on track, keeping her happy, successful, and fulfilled even when dealing with the worst effects of the challenges her health and being in a wheelchair. Gina’s books and business takes her life experience and highly effective mindset techniques and encapsulates her 30+ years of coaching, training and teaching into transformational strategies and techniques that will enable you to get happy, stay happy and spread happiness throughout your life.

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