Dreading Christmas – Part 2


Planning For A Successful Christmas: FOOD SHOPPING

Good planning is a vital element of having a successful Christmas. The key is to think about pressure points from previous years, and look for a different approach. I share seven simple things that can taKe the pain out of planning who to cater for at Christmas.

The Power Of Planning

Enjoying Christmas is made so much easier when you plan, particularly if you do it well in advance.

Think about how you can make small changes to make life easier.

You don’t have to be a slave in order to create a lovely Christmas for everyone. There are simple things you can do to make Christmas easier to manage.


Try These:

  1. Don’t make yourself a martyr to the food. Christmas dinner is essentially a roast dinner with knobs on!
  2. Order your Christmas food online now, so you get the delivery slot you want. Most supermarkets allow you to amend your order until a couple of days before the delivery. Doing so reduces the pressure of food shopping at the last moment with hordes of others.
  3. Choose to have the conversation early about who will be coming, and where you are going. Don’t make assumptions. Because it has been so in the past doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be so this year. Christmas day falls on a Thursday so you have a weekend close by which could help you spread the relatives out.
  4. Be honest! Not brutal. If you want to do things differently, grasp the nettle and say so. Be careful to use a voice with no edge or energy to it. People latch on to the energy rather than listen to the words.
  5. State what you want to happen. Create an opportunity for the person you are talking to, to have their say but stay calm.   Many people don’t like change, but they will get used to it. Be careful that it doesn’t come too late for them to make alternative plans.
  6. Use booking your slot for food delivery as a reason for asking for an early decision.
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