Day 3 - Stress and Anxiety


I wonder how many of you have times when you feel stressed and anxious that you don't measure up. Do you second guess yourself - putting yourself down or thinking that you can't measure up to the expectations of others - or the standards you set yourself? Often?

Are there times when you struggle to please everyone and end up feeling you please no one? Where do you come in your list of priorities? How does that make you feel?

I'm on a mission to make a positive difference to a million people in the next five years. Helping people to feel great about themselves, to achieve a life of balance and purpose by stepping into the power which comes from being authentically - genuinely their best self.

Its time to make some changes in the world - living from a place of love and compassion, being kind to oneself and others - and helping others to do the same by becoming a spiritual leader.

I can't do it alone! I need your help! Find out more in today's FB live.

Step Into Your Authentic Self, Find Genuine Power, Feel Self-Confident, Find Your True Purpose! Check out the Thrive ToGether Tribe at 

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