Hi there, my name's Bronwyn and I am the leader of Damsels in Success in Colchester and I'm also a Life Coach. I wanted to talk to you about Gina Gardiner, because I'm very honoured that she's asked me to do a testimonial for her.

 I've worked with Gina, with her as my couples coach. I've worked with her alongside my partner. I've also worked with her on a one-to-one basis regarding my relationship. I'm currently working with her now as my coach and my mentor with regard to my business and the life that I want to create for myself.

She's a multifaceted lady. Gina is incredibly warm, open, supportive, empathic, and when I work with her, I feel incredibly seen and incredibly heard. So, just simply having the space held for me to be able to explore the things I need to explore is incredibly powerful when we work together.

The way that I felt and what was going on for me, I always feel that that is absolutely acknowledged by Gina, first of all, and she's able to see exactly what I need in that moment.  which is, you know, to focus on a few things at a time.  She's given me some tools to help me manage the anxiety that I experience when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

So she's provided me with great tools, great insights, an amazing, supportive, nonjudgmental creative space to explore what I really feel and think about things and what I want. The difference, I mean, we've been working together now for probably about a month on a kind of consistent basis and I've really noticed a significant difference in how I feel and the progress that I'm making, moving through the challenges that I was experiencing. Through working with Gina, I've changed my state and the things that felt like problems don't feel like problems anymore, or I've been able to, with her assistance, see my way to work or work through and around them.

Gina works from a number of different angles. Her approach feels very individually tailored. I don't feel like I'm given a generalized sort of program. It feels very tailored to me. And she offers this amazing combination of nurture and support, insight, wisdom, tools for me to take away and put into practice.

She's honest. She's transparent and she's great at getting to the root of the matter. Calling out, calling me out if I'm procrastinating or if I'm BS'ing myself, and able to very seamlessly step between being a coach, a mentor, and a teacher. So it's been my absolute privilege to be able to work with her.

I'd recommend her in a heartbeat. So if you're thinking of working with Gina as your coach, then I absolutely recommend her wholeheartedly. Thank you.

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