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Long Term Goals

Recovering Workaholics is an organization set up for those of us who have proved ourselves to be very successful in our career but realize that work simply isn't enough. It is designed for people who are used to being in high- powered positions and have concentrated on building a career rather than a life.

We are launching Recovering Workaholics and invite you to share the dream. Current services include our course and life coaching. We plan our first meeting in the New Year, and hope you will join us.


You will find an outline of our longer term goals below:




We provide a range of real quality services and activities to fit your needs.


An opportunity every month to meet like- minded people in great surroundings. Every foundation meeting will include a focus session run by an expert in their field. High quality input to give you food for thought, or a taster of one of the world of possibilities to enrich your life.


There will be an opportunity to socialise and build up your social network in a relaxed atmosphere. The venue has a bar and is open until 11.30pm.


Take part in our diary of events knowing that when you get there you will be assured that you will receive the highest quality of service, meet like minded people and have the support of the Recovering Workaholics representatives who will be on hand to make sure things go smoothly, there is always someone to talk to and you will have fun.


(See the section outlining possible events.)


If nothing in the diary takes your fancy Recovering Workaholics offers you the opportunity to make other suggestions or to create different social opportunities for other members to join.


If enough members are interested we will organize longer holidays.


All events will be booked on a strictly first come, first served basis. (Where appropriate every effort will be made to ensure a good gender balance and balance of ages. Minimum numbers will be published in the diary.) Recovering Workaholics reserves the right to cancel any event, which does not reach the minimum take-up level. Your money will be refunded of course.


Please note that once booked for there are no refunds.


Success is about more than simply making money, or having status. If you'd like a real sense of fulfilment and would like to make a difference to the lives of others Recovering Workaholics gives you the opportunity. Whether you want to roll up your sleeves, share the wealth of your experience or/ and your bank balance together we can make a real difference. Projects will be decided and carried out by members.


Recovering Workaholics members can opt into a Members Meeting Directory. Include your details within the directory and other Recovering Workaholics members who would like to meet informally can contact you to arrange this directly.


Challenge groups generally meet 4 x a year. There are between 4 and 6 members in each challenge group. Each member of the group has a unique opportunity to bring an issue to the table - personal or professional.


The Challenge Group Framework

  • Any discussion is completely confidential within the group
  • The time is equally divided between members
  • Members offer constructive challenge to facilitate your thinking
  • Members have the opportunity to network with people from completely different backgrounds

Groups can choose to have professional facilitation or to organize within the group.


Following the meeting members generally join together for a curry (the curry is not obligatory!) but the social dimension adds hugely to the richness of the group.


We offer a 12 unit 'Rebalance Your Life' course called "Create a Life You Love" for those of you who like a structured approach. Each unit focuses on a different aspect to taking control of your life, creating the balance and fulfilment you choose.


Success sometimes comes at quite a price.


I have undertaken research about work life balance. During my research I have talked to many people who have felt driven to succeed. People revealed a wide range of personal motivators. Some felt that the same strategies, which contributed to their success, have outlived their usefulness and have actually become a straight jacket, which now limits the quality of their life.


If you feel you have missed out on love or have a string of failed relationships because work has taken over your life. If stress is causing you a problem, you smoke or drink too much or you want to change your life but need some support; we have the solution.


Recovering Workaholics offers the opportunity to work with experienced coaches to unravel these issues and enable you to make the most of your future life.


Do you want to?

  • make your needs one of your priorities
  • break entrenched habits of overworking
  • feel confident in every social situation
  • deal with past baggage which continues to hang around and haunt you
  • create and sustain loving relationships
  • learn how to flirt successfully
  • feel good about yourself and your body
  • be able to relax
  • sleep well
  • give up binge eating, drinking or smoking
  • find your passion in life
  • fulfil your dreams


Do find it easy to dress for your professional life and wish it were as easy to look good and feel great in social situations?


We have the answer. We have Image Consultants who can help you make the most of yourself. You can chose to work with an expert in a group setting or on a 1:1 to ensure you look good what ever the situation, with or without your suit. Need help to sort out your wardrobe or your own personal shopper? We can provide just the expert help you need.


  • Home page
  • Foundation Service
  • Diary of forthcoming events
  • Modelling social success
  • Learn to have fun
  • Widen your social circle
  • How to have style out of the suit
  • Have you got the social graces?
  • Find Your Passion
  • Success in the round - developing social confidence
  • Dealing with personal baggage



Branches of Recovering Workaholics will be franchised in business centres, world- wide. If you are travelling on business elsewhere no longer will you need to sit in your hotel on your own. You have a ready- made network at your fingertips. You can tap into the local programme of diary events or make contact with members for an informal drink or dinner through the Members Directory. You can rest assured of the same high standards as all Recovering Workaholics Charter Managers have been trained and are closely monitored by us.


You can contact us using any of the following methods

It is easiest to contact us using the enquiry form or you can contact us via email at or by telephone directly.


General enquiries
Tel in the UK 01206 230 497
Tel International +44 1206 230 497


To contact Gina direct
Tel in the UK 01206 230 497
Tel International +44 1206 230 497


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