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November 2006 - Edition 1
An Introduction to Recovering Workaholics
Written and published by Gina Gardiner
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Welcome to this first monthly newsletter for Recovering Workaholics.


Firstly I would like to thank you for signing up for the newsletter which will now be published on a monthly basis. Apologies for delays in receiving this and the taster course but we have been experiencing some technical problems which will hopefully be resolved in the very near future.


Recovering Workaholics is a very new venture. I consider it to be much like a premature baby, it has so much potential but will need a great deal of nurturing in this first phase of life until it is ready and able to stand on its own feet.


The organization was set up because I had become aware of just how difficult it was to create a great work life balance particularly if work assumed the major part of your life.


The more people I worked with and spoke to the more evident it became that many of us work too hard even when we have already achieved success and financial security. This is often at the cost of health, good relationships or family life.


In May this year I set up a focus group to see if my idea held any resonance with others. From that time I have been absolutely amazed at the response particularly from the media. It would seem that there are many people out there who want to retrieve their lives and create a life which is both fulfilling and healthy and one which is sustainable in the long term.


A small article was placed in City AM, this in turn was picked up by The Telegraph who ran an article. Radio shows, further articles in as far flung places as Bejing and Italy and a half page spread in The Telegraph Weekend have followed as a result.


Currently there is a proposal from an independent TV company to include Recovering Workaholics in a programme for terrestrial TV. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it comes to fruition.


In the meanwhile plans are going ahead to run the 12 week course – “Create A Life You Love” in 2 locations in the New Year, one in central London and the other in Essex. I hope these will be the first of many World wide. Details of the venue and prices are currently being finalised. If you are interested in knowing more or wish to secure a place please visit the website on www.recoveringworkaholics.com/courses.php to review the courses.


Each month the news letter will contain an article and some recommended reading or listening. The theme is very much about supporting you to create a life with a great work life balance.


Your feedback is greatly appreciated. If there are any topics you would like covered in future issues please let me know on info@recoveringworkaholics.com

Warmest wishes,

Gina Gardiner



Creating a good work life balance is vital for long term health, wellbeing and happiness.


If you would like support to achieve this, visit www.recoveringworkaholics.com


For any further information or to discuss your coaching needs contact info@recoveringworkaholics.com or phone 01708 703959

Gina Gardiner, recognized by Investors In People as creating an "innovative and exemplary training programme for emerging and middle managers" and by Ofsted as an “inspirational leader”. Her experience includes that of “Change Management” and in supporting organizational leaders in developing strategic vision and creating a “can do” culture.


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Author : Gina Gardiner


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