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Volume 26 | Oct 2009

Living Life To The Full
Make Living Life To The Full Your Highest Priority
How Heavily Do You Rely On One Person for Key Activities?

Volume 25 | Jun 2009

Do you have to put up with the negative effects of stress?
How to Manage Change and Minimize Stress

Volume 24 | May 2009

The cost of staying the same
Maintaining Team Morale and Enthusiasm even in a Recession

Volume 23 | April 2009

Is There Life After Redundancy?
Getting The Best Out Of Your People In An Economic Downturn

Volume 22 | December 2008

What is Stress? What effect does stress have on your body?
Creating a Stress Limiting Culture in Organizations

Volume 21 | July 2008

Learning the Lessons of Time
Ten Steps to Making the Most of Living in the Present
Every moment is precious, even when you are working long hours
it is possible to appreciate the moment and make it count

Volume 20 | June 2008

If I'm Not My Job - Who Am I?
Creating World Class Teams

Volume 19 | May 2008

I'll start living when...
Taking time to see the bigger picture

Volume 18 | April 2008

So you think you are indispensable
Why indispensable people are just too expensive

Volume 17 | March 2008

Learning to switch off that voice in our head
It's not what you say it is the way that you say it
The SaVVy Club - Make some time for fun in your life

Volume 16 | February 2008

Creating Personal Boundaries.
Effective organizational Boundaries can Enhance the Quality of Life at Work.

Volume 15 | January 2008

Ten principles for creating lasting change in your life.
Ten principles for creating the ideal conditions for organizational change.

Volume 14 | December 2007

The power of anticipation.
Anticipation underpins organizational success.

Volume 13 | November 2007

How to feel true fulfilment
Creating organizational fulfilment

Volume 12 | October 2007

A Wealthy Life
How to live a wealthy life
People are our greatest wealth.
Ten ways to make the most of your treasure.

Volume 11 | September 2007

Managing Overwhelm
Do you feel there is too much to do ?
Recognising and dealing with overload

Volume 10 | August 2007

Are you making the most of yours?
organizational Energy

Volume 09 | July 2007

Effective Delegation
Why is it so many of us say YES when what we really want to say is NO?

Volume 08 | June 2007

How our beliefs can limit our potential happiness and how we can change them for ones which are more useful

Volume 07 | May 2007

How our relationship with ourselves impacts on our relationship with others

Volume 06 | April 2007

Things that drive us
Certainty, Variety, Significance, Connection, Growth and Contribution

March 2007

Create A Life You Love - Change Your Life
Achieve Health, Happiness and Fulfilment!

Relaxation CDs available soon!


“Stop Chasing Perfection And Settle For Excellence” by Topher Morrison


New support for Partners of Workaholics and their own Newsletter.

Energy - Are You Making the Most of Yours?

  • When you are feeling at your most alive – raring to go and full of passion and energy – what are you doing?
  • When you feel tired and out of sorts, pulled down and exhausted what is at the bottom of your lack of energy?

You might think that for each person the answer would be entirely different


I spoke with a client this evening who was feeing tired and under pressure. It soon became clear that the problem was being caused by one or two members of staff who she said were “dragging me down.”

Most of these problems can be easily avoided. How?

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February 2007

Create A Life You Love - Change Your Life
Achieve Health, Happiness and Fulfilment!

Thoughts about losing weight.

Remember if you always do what you have always done, you will always have what you’ve already got.

Workaholic Brits are not only compromising their health but fitness too.


Media Interest

Recovering Workaholics has a mention in the February edition of Readers Digest. The Bella article should be appearing in 14th of February edition, and there should be an article in the Reeds Training Magazine later this year.

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January 2007

Create A Life You Love - Change Your Life
Achieve Health, Happiness and Fulfilment!

Make it your New Year's resolution to create a life you truly love. Join our first London based "Create A Life You Love" course at 6.30 for a 6.45 start every Tuesday evening for 12 weeks beginning on 30th January. Please contact Gina Gardiner at or phone 01708 703959 for details.

Media Interest

Look out for the Health Section in Bella early in the New Year and a mention in the Readers Digest February edition.

Article – New Years Resolutions –
Wouldn’t Life Be Different If All Of Them Were Kept?

Most of us use the New Year as a time to take stock of our lives. Over ninety percent of us will have given up by the end of January. Why is that?

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December 2006

Latest News About Recovering Workaholics.

I’m so please to be able to announce that we have finalized the venue for the London based course due to begin in January 2007 at Finwell House, 26 Finsbury Square, London EC2 A1SH. Join us at 6.30 for a 6.45 start every Tuesday evening for 12 weeks beginning on January 30th. Details on request.

Media Interest

Interest in Recovering Workaholics continues. I have received calls from The Wall Street Journal Network and another TV Production Company in the last few days and an article is due to appear in Bella Magazine in the New Year.

I was very pleased to receive a copy of “Global People” Beijing with an article in it about Recovering Workaholics.

Article – Time Is A Finite Commodity – Do You Have Enough?

Just think about the time you have – you can use it once and once only.

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November 2006

Welcome to this first newsletter for Recovering Workaholics.

Recovering Workaholics is a very new venture. I consider it to be much like a premature baby, it has so much potential but will need a great deal of nurturing in this first phase of life until it is ready and able to stand on its own feet.


The organization was set up because I had become aware of just how difficult it was to create a great work life balance particularly if work consumed the major part of your life.

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