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Calling All Successful Business People

Recovering Workaholics can help you create a life full of so much more than work. If you find work has taken over and you want more... look no further. Recovering Workaholics can help you find true fulfilment.

Are you "Living with a Workaholic"?

If so you might like to visit our Partners of Workaholics section and also view our previous newsletters for Partners of Workaholics.


Are you a "Workaholic"?

Do you love your life?

Take action now - what have you got to lose?


If I asked you about your achievements in the business world, you would undoubtedly have a great deal that is incredibly positive to talk about.

You are:

  • at the top of your profession
  • respected by your colleagues
  • financially secure
  • and incredibly busy!

But if I asked, "DO YOU LOVE YOUR LIFE - All of it?"


Would your level of satisfaction remain as high?


Please take just a few moments to print and complete the Wheel of Life Satisfaction Questionnaire, be honest with yourself, this questionnaire could be the turning point of your life.


If your wheel of life is one of complete balance and fulfilment congratulations!


If one or more segments leave you feeling your life is incomplete,
please read on...


Why not join Recovering Workaholics and put Fun, Enjoyment and Personal Fulfilment into Your Life.


If your work has taken over at the expense of making time for your family, your friends and yourself now is the time to redress the balance.


We provide a solution.


When was the last time you had fun?
Now is the time to ensure your life is enriched and fulfilled.

We provide a range of real quality services and activities to fit your needs.


We are a new organization with a big dream.
We invite you to be part of that dream.


What should you do now?


If you are ready join Recovering Workaholics and be part of the big dream.

If you are not ready to join us please read more about us and share our dream.


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Is "Life - Balance Coaching" for you?


For a free no obligation 15 minute telephone discussion on how I can help you to create the life of your dreams please request a free telephone discussion.


I look forward to inspiring you to be your best!
Take a chance today! With my compliments.


I can guarantee that it will stimulate your imagination into thinking about creating the life of your dreams!

Recovering Workaholics Create a life you love!

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